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I want to download a list of URLs for pages in my Google Sites site. I'm using the Python API to do this. It seems to be slower than I would expect, and so I think it's actually downloading the whole content for each entry rather than just the metadata. Is there any way to download just the metadata? My code is below:

import gdata.sites.client

client = gdata.sites.client.SitesClient(site='mysite', domain='mydomain.com')
client.ClientLogin('foo@bar.com', 'password', 'test')
feed = client.GetContentFeed()
for entry in feed.entry:
    print entry.GetAlternateLink().href
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The closest approximation is

https://sites.google.com/site/(your site name)/system/feeds/sitemap

Unfortunately, this API doesn't allow the use of fields as some newer Google APIs do.

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