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I'm using D2L’s API sample site to test out their API before I begin any development and I have noticed a few issues. When I request to be authenticated, I am redirected to our D2L instance to login. However, I am not redirected back to the sample site after authenticating. If I return to the sample site and authenticate again, then the user id and key are populated because of my D2L session. But when I request "get versions", no data is returned or if I request "who am I", I get a "Invalid JSON primitive" because the sample site is expecting to format a string from the response but there is nothing in the response. Anyone out there have a solution for this?

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Can you please let us know which language version of the API sample you're using? – Viktor Haag Oct 3 '12 at 1:21

Your report seems like it could indicate that your back-end service is not respecting the &x_target=appURL parameter passed in at the end of the first stage of the authentication process. Perhaps your back-end service needs to support the deep linking required to redirect back to a passed in target parameter URL?

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