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I have some complicated and messy CSS, is there some tool which could take this very messy CSS and simplify it?

I know that people often go the other way, they make CSS using a more concise stylesheet language such as http://lesscss.org/ and produce the CSS from this. However my situation is that I have a lot of ugly messy CSS and I want to go the other way.

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CSS Tidy is a good open source optimizer.

Check this online tool too. Its pretty cool for quick optimizations.

If you want the entire package, Google provides closure tools which would optimize, and even minify static files for you - from inline styles, javascript, etc

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Try an online service like http://cssbeautify.com/. There are plenty of them out there...

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You can use online tools:

Browser extentions : Dust-Me Selectors for Firefox : http://www.sitepoint.com/dustmeselectors/

Most tools can be installed directly into your IDE/Text editor via plugins

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http://procssor.com/ is nice, has loads of options to suit how you like your css to look.

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