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I'm using TYPO3 (4.5.17). In my content, I have some specific tags that I would like to replace

For example: I'd like to transform this

....<intertitre>Mon titre de section</intertitre>...


....<h2>Mon titre de section</h2>...

I tried something like this, but it doesn't work.

page.stdWrap.parseFunc.short {
  intertitre = h3

Someone can help me, please?


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Add the definition to lib.parseFunc (non-RTE fields) and lib.parseFunc_RTE (RTE fields). So every field which uses that definition will work. Means: if you can use f.e. strong, you will be able to use your own tag:

lib.parseFunc.short {
  intertitre = h3
lib.parseFunc_RTE.short < lib.parseFunc.short

AFAIK the page Object does not have stdWrap functionality.

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