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I need help figuring out how to assign an index to subarrays. Here is what I have so far:

I start off by setting up the array with the first subarray and some data.

$start=array(array($rand, $_POST['day'], $_POST['time'], $delay));

Then when I need to add another subarray, I use the array_push method to add subarrays to the existing array.

$array = get_option('extend-array');
$push = array($rand, $_POST['day'], $_POST['time'], $delay);
array_push($array, $push);

I'm not sure where to go from here. I want to have a custom index assigned to the subarrays so I can reference them directly if needed.

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get_option() is not a PHP method. You haven't described your actual problem (or even end goal). What data do you have? What do you want it to look like? – Esben Tind Oct 2 '12 at 15:44
@EsbenTind get_option() is a function used in Wordpress. The code is from a plugin I am working on. I just needed to know how to assign an index to a subarray. Kolink answered my question. – tsieber Oct 2 '12 at 18:20
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Just assign to the array elements:

$array = array(array($rand,$_POST['day'],$_POST['time'],$delay));
$array[1] = array("New data");
$array[2] = "Blah";
$array[9001] = "Doesn't have to be consecutive.";
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The way to assign the key name when creating the array is:

$array = array('key_name' => 'value');

You can set the index of the sub array when creating it:

Your code should change to:

$start=array(array('rand' => $rand, 'post_day' => $_POST['day'], 'post_time' => $_POST['time'], 'delay' => $delay));

and then you can acces to the index like this:

$start[0]['rand'] = 'new rand value'; $start[0]['post_day'] = 'new post_day value';

and so on

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$start = array(array($rand, $_POST['day'], $_POST['time'], $delay));
$start['extend-array']= array($rand, $_POST['day'], $_POST['time'], $delay);
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That's fairly trivial. In PHP you can define arrays as you go. Just start with an empty variable, and add the subarrays you want:

$array["start"] = array($rand, $_POST['day'], $_POST['time'], $delay);

Then add another one:

$array["push"] = get_option('extend-array');

Also check the manual examples

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push just stuffs in another element, at the next highest available index. If you want a custom index, you'll have to define it yourself, e.g.

$array = array('rand' => $rand, 'day' => $_POST['day'], etc...);
$array['extended-array'] = get_option('extend-array');
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