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I'm now trying to implement Uploadify into my app for about 3 days. I guess i saw every tutorial which is on the internet...

The only one i found for CakePHP 2.1 was this one: http://crazylearner.com/using-uploadify-with-cakephp/ But this is not working for me :(

I read in some forums that i should be very easy to implement Uploadify. Why is it so complicated for me?

I couldn't find any tutorial which is absolute clear.

Can someone post a working and clear description of how to implement Uploadify in CakePHP 2.1?

thanks, luca

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enable the uploadify debuger (check documentation on how to do that) and check the response and if you are getting blackholed (or 404 error). This is what I was struggling today. If this is the case try deactivate the Security component and see what results you get. Also if you are behind a authetication you have to pass the sessions in your beforeFilter callback. –  Herod Oct 2 '12 at 19:11

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Try this one, works very nice and is for version 2.1 ok: https://github.com/josegonzalez/upload

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Does it support multi-upload? –  Luca Moser Oct 2 '12 at 16:25

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