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is there a way to open an application and have it maximize the window when the default behavior is to minimize to the tray?

I have an app that opens to the tray and does not show to login screen. I am trying to automate the login process using vbscript and sendkeys. I know this isnt secure since anyone can view the script but that isnt a concern.

Is there a way to open the app then make it display the GUI? also need to make sure it gets focus so sendkeys works.

I know how to open it the problem is getting it to show the login screen.


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Dim oWsh : Set oWsh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oWsh.Run("prog.exe", 1, False)
WScript.Sleep 500
oWsh.AppActivate "Prog Title"  ' text in window title of 'prog.exe'
oWsh.SendKeys "first Command"
' ...additional SendKeys commands

References: Run Method and SendKeys Method

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