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We are evaluating BPM 2 product for our production system. We are looking at Activiti 5.9 as an alternative to jBPM 5.x. Not sure if Activiti 5.9 is production ready. Any idea?

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We used Siganvio open source for the modeler and Activiti for our engine. We did not use the Activiti web-app since we found it buggy, but it is nice for testing. Activiti has some limitations but overall the API is straightforward and easy to master, the community helps a lot, and there is decent documentation. I suggest "Activiti in action" as a great starting point. See my blog for more info.

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What do you mean with

production ready

If you look for a professional solution I may suggest using camunda fox here

Activiti offers a lot - but with the support is not so easy.

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