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Apologies for the noob question - coming from an iOS background I'm struggling a little with OSX.

The good news - I have an NSScrollView with a large NSView as it's documentView. I have been adjusting the bounds of the contentView to effectively zoom in on the documentView - and all works well with respect to anything I do in drawRect (of the documentView)

The not so good news - I have now added another NSView as a child of the large documentView and expected it to simply zoom just like it would in iOS land - but it doesn't. If anyone can help fill in the rather large gap in my understanding of all this, I'd be extremely grateful


[UPDATE] Fixed it myself - 'problem' was that autolayout (layout constraints) were enabled. Once I disabled them and set the autosizing appropriately then everything was ok. I guess I should learn about layout constraints...

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I had the same problem but the cause was different, so I thought I'd share it here. My issue was that I had made the document view layer-backed (wantsLayer = true), and changing this fixed the zooming issue. –  Clafou Jun 22 at 22:48

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LOL, I had exactly the same problem. I lost like two days messing around with autolayout. After I read your update I went in and just added another NSBox to the view and it gets drawn correctly and zooms as well.

Though, does it work for NSImageViews as subviews as well?

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