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It seems Chrome doesn't register tabindex on radio button by default.

If you click on one of the radio button then push tab, chrome will focus the first link in the page.
If you click on another type of input element, he will continue in the form, as expected.

If you put tabindex everywhere, the form will mostly work as expected, except if you select (click on) a radio button, then tabbing will select the first form element.

How could I reproduce the same experience as in IE/FF?

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And this issue is further complicated if you use jQuery buttonsets on radio buttons.. – karancan Apr 19 '13 at 15:55

I ran across this issue too.
I figured out that if you gave each radio button it's own
~ name=unique
~ name=unique2
~ name=unique3
that the tabindex would work.
Check out this website: Form Trick: Set the Tabbing Order
You can see how he has different name values for all the radio buttons.

Hope that helped, Diana

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