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I have following problem, i use HttpWebRequest for getting some data from web inside application that uses mono. Also application uses proxy (squid without authentication). Most of requests go to and it works well, but when i try access i get 404 response.

If i swap requests and first request go to - it works, but next requests to will fail.

I have this issue only on mono with https and with proxy.

Any advices or workarounds?

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If this is the same bug I noticed just last week (Friday, in fact), what I think you'll find is that the same HttpWebRequest object (or backing connection object - I never checked) is being reused, but the connection has stayed open to the old server (in your case, and that new GET/POST invocations re-use that connection instead of forcing it to connect to like it should.

The way I worked around it was to set KeepAlive to false for the first server (I only made 1 request anyway) so that when I switched to my second server, it would force a reconnect (at which point I set KeepAlive back to true).

Another way might be to create 2 web requests simultaneously (one for each server) so that they don't get reused.

I should have filed this on Friday but didn't get around to it and since forgot. You just reminded me of it, so I just filed it:

Feel free to add yourself to the Cc list and provide any additional info you think I may have missed.

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Thanks, great answer! I decided to switch to using of libcurl instead of mono's integrated classes, at least untill this bug will not be fixed. – iburlakov Oct 5 '12 at 1:16
I'm currently working on proxy related bugs in Mono, will have a look at this one as well. – Martin Baulig Oct 20 '12 at 15:19

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