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Running a select statement in psql returns output nicely formatted in a table:

mydb=# SELECT * FROM users WHERE login = 'foo';
  id  | login | first_name | last_name 
 1000 | foo   | Dude       | HowdyHeyYo

However, I often run my database queries in IRB, and use datamapper to connect to Postgres. What's the best way to get the output formatted similarly to the above table when running a query like this using Ruby and Datamapper?

>> User.all(:login => 'foo')
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psql is formatting the output into the ASCII table layout. psql is the equivalent to IRB at that point, so you'd either have to write a method to call that would wrap your query and output formatted results, or use some IRB plug-ins.

Take a look at IRBTools and, in particular, hirb.

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you rock! hirb totally does the trick. thanks for such a speedy response, and have a most excellent afternoon. –  SeanPlusPlus Oct 2 '12 at 20:43
Hirb has a lot of cool capabilities. Seems like if it's structured data Hirb can format it. –  the Tin Man Oct 2 '12 at 20:52

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