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I have a page that takes a user through a short sign up tutorial when they create their account in order to create their first resource. In my app, :hotel belongs to :user, and :user has_one hotel. For the tutorial page, in my controller, I have:

    @hotel = current_user.build_hotel

Which works, except that it a user somehow finds him back on the tutorial page that command disassociates their previously created hotel. In other words, the second time the user accesses the page with:

 @hotel = current_user.build_hotel

The user_id field in the hotel they created the first time becomes nil. Obviously that is a serious problem. I can do a before_filter on that page, but I'm not very happy about having a way for the user to screw everything up simply by visiting a page. How should I properly use the build command for a has_one relationship?

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I an't see the issue, I guess you've a hidden field containing the user id. This one could be set with current_user directly. – apneadiving Oct 2 '12 at 17:54

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You can test for the existence of a hotel before building it:

 @hotel = current_user.hotel || current_user.build_hotel
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That should work well enough. – Tim Reistetter Oct 2 '12 at 19:53

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