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I am trying to convert an array of Double values to an array of BigInteger values, but I just can't figure out how exactly to tell java to create a new empty BigInteger array with the same length as the original array.

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How do you create the BigInteger array? can't you just get the Double.size and then create the new array? – sheidaei Oct 2 '12 at 18:09
The issue was that I'd totally blanked out on how to do it; rather than spend 15 minutes looking it up in a maual I thought I'd just spend 5 minutes and ask. – AJMansfield Oct 3 '12 at 11:16
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BigInteger[] dest = new BigInteger[src.length];

where src is the original double array.

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Since you have the length of your Double array.. You can give it as the size to your BigInteger array..

BigInteger[] bigIntegerArr = new BigInteger[doubleArray.length];
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BingInteger[] secondArray = new BigInteger[doublArray.length];
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Initialize it with the length of your double array.

Double[] doubleArray = ...;
BigInteger[] bigIntArray = new BigInteger[doubleArray.length];
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