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I am inserting field values in Sitecore using Sitecore web service. If my field is a Single-Line text then it is inserting fine. But when it is a Multilist type there is no insertion. Here is the code where I am adding the items:

 private static void GetCountries(DataRow reader, XmlElement myNode)
        foreach (DataRow wireRow in reader.GetChildRows("Countries"))
            var newNode = myNode.OwnerDocument.CreateElement("Value");
            newNode.InnerText = wireRow["COUNTRY_NAME"].ToString();

After this call, myNode for that field looks like this:

<field itemid="{2C16342E-7662-432B-9895-5EDB15914D7F}" language="en" version="1" 
fieldid="{1F5956D6-EABE-4F74-A248-B25B7EE90350}" name="Categories" title=""
type="Multilist" source="/sitecore/content/data/Countries" section="Content" 

After this I am calling save:

 var okay = sitecoreService.Save(getItem.OuterXml, database, myCred);

But I dont see the countries in the Multilist field. What is going on here?

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Multilist fields take strings of pipe-delimited GUIDs, so to add the countries into this field you will need to look up the Sitecore ID for each Country item and then concatenate those with a pipe.


The Sitecore web service is not a recommended way to perform these operations. Is there a specific reason you are using the web service and not the regular API (which would make these calls much easier) ?

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Yeah, I know. But it was a requirement from the marketing to not to use the overload on the server just for Sitecore. –  RG-3 Oct 2 '12 at 19:13
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