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I am developing a Mail App for Office 2013, and I would really like to take an action when the user selects some text in the email message. This appears to be relatively trivial if I am creating a Task Pane app; I just add:

Office.context.document.addHandlerAsync(Office.EventType.DocumentSelectionChanged, handleSelectionChange);

and my handleSelectionChange function is called. However, in a Mail App, document is undefined, and the mailbox property of context does not have any event-related methods, at least according to the documentation that I have seen.

Is what I am seeking to do possible?

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I was able to speak with the Lead Project Manager about this, and it turns out that this feature is not available in the current release of the Office 2013 API. He did agree that it would make for some interesting possibilities, but that's all. I hope to see it in a future version of the API some day.

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