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I am trying to add a *target='_blank'* option to all CQ pages that only redirect to either an outside URL or media file (i.e. PDF). I am looking in components/parsys/parsys.php which I assume would have some block of code for a server-/client-side redirect but to no avail.

I realize that if the redirect is in fact server-side then I cannot open it in a new window. But until I know either way, can someone help point out where the actual redirect script code is?

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If you are using the out of box redirect mechanism (where you fill out the redirect target on the Page Properties dialog), the default redirect logic can be found under:

 /libs/foundation/components/page/page.jsp (CQ 5.4)

The code is doing response.sendRedirect so you may not be able to force redirects to open in new windows from there.

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Ah, so the code is server-side, so my feature is no go. At least I am certain now. –  Angry Spartan Oct 3 '12 at 13:44

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