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I am currently experiencing a problem extracting text from a Cache database. My CSP page is written in the following manner:

<csp:search name="MySearch" classname="dbo.Story" where="storyId" predicates=">" select="storyId,storyName,author,notes,text" options="predicates,popup,leaveopen,sortbox" caption="This is the Story Search Box">  
<INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="Search" VALUE="Search" ONCLICK="MySearch();">  

NOTE: The table that I am querying is the dbo.Story or just Story table. The columns in that table are the storyId, storyName, author, notes, text, etc...

The storyId, storyName, author, and notes fields are all displaying correctly, however the values returned in the text column all resemble something like this:

^dbo.StoryS)dt.common.streams.GlobalCharacterStream ^dbo.StoryS

NOTE: A direct reference to the database (a “global reference”) is essentially a multidimensional array reference preceded by the carat character ^. That character indicates this is a reference to data stored in the database rather than to temporary process private data. Each such database array is called a “global”.

I want to be able to see what's in the stream but instead I'm getting something that looks like a reference. Has anyone dealt with this kind of thing before?

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