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How do I assert that a user was not created while using Cucumber? In RSpec, I would use the following block, which I can not translate to Cucumber:

describe "with invalid information" do
  it "should not create a new user" do
    expect { click_button submit }.not_to change(User, :count)

# Cucumber equivalent
When /^he submits invalid information$/ do
  click_button "Sign up"
Then /^an account should not be created$/ do
  # not sure how to translate the expect block
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In this example, you'll know the email that the user would use, so you could:

Then /^an account should not be created$/ do
  User.where(email: "").first.should be_nil
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Just curious, what if we want to be more granular and test a scenario where the user enters no input at all. In that case we will not be able to use the User.where(email: ...) since no email address was provided. – Mohamad Oct 2 '12 at 19:36
ismaelga's answer is a fine way to do that test. You could also store off @user_count and test it later. – Jesse Wolgamott Oct 2 '12 at 19:40

You could also do

Given I have 3 users
When I submit with invalid information
Then I should have 3 users
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You can use a lambda to directly translate your RSpec test, rather than rely on a workaround.

Then /^an account should not be created$/ do
  save = lambda { click_button :submit }
  expect(save).not_to change(User, :count)
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