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I've been trying to test a web application that generates html id's with a random value in the middle. For instance: attribute_new_12493044135_name The attribute defines the class of object that I want to find and the "name" is the unique part of this string. The problem is that I don't have Xpath 2.0 and thus can't use ends-with on the script. Can anyone help? I've tried to use Selenium Webdriver and IDE, and couldn't find an answer.

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Can you test for the start (i.e attribute_new) and then filter down the elements actually in code (i.e in C# or Java). It would be slow, but it's an alternative. If not, then I would hesitate to say this, but this application isn't really testable. Can you get your dev's to change it so that it has a better ID? Do the numbers relate to anything? I.e are they related to a specific ID in the database? –  Arran Oct 2 '12 at 21:47

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You are indeed correct you can not use the ends-with function if you do not have access to the Xpath 2.0 library. But you do have access to all the Xpath 1.0 functions. http://www.edankert.com/xpathfunctions.html

You have two functions you can use to xpath to your element.

contains(): //*[contains(@id, 'name')]

substring(): //*[substring(@id, string-length(@id)-3)="name"] The 3 in string-length is the number of characters of your locator minus 1. ie 'name' has 4 characters so 4 - 1 = 3

Good Luck!

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Thank you! This solved the problem. –  user1715197 Oct 3 '12 at 14:16

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