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I am currently developing right now a site like this: http://www.windowshop.com/

It's engine will be magento but the main problem is the UI portion. I knew that the windowshop is based on flash. The problem is I would like to build this using html4 with html5 elements roughly.

I couldn't find a jquery that will handle the overflowing navigation of our catalogs. We have 11 categories under the top navigation. I couldn't use a width 100% to accommodate all the nav items, just like from windowshop.com, the nav overflow can be scrolled by sides.

Please help me on this. Thanks!

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What do you have so far? Is the site viewable anywhere? –  davehale23 Oct 2 '12 at 21:34

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I recently started to replicate UX / UI of Windowshop using the Waypoints Jquery plug-in.

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