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I have a URL I want to be able to redirect to.

Something similar to:


I have a match in routes.rb as:

  match ':account/admin/:page' => "admin#index"

I have redirect code:

redirect_to :controller => account.username, :action=>"admin", :page=>"index"

This, however comes up with a routing error:

No route matches {:action=>"admin", :controller=>"sdunn", :page=>"index"}

I know what I have done is wrong, but how can I fix this?

Many thanks.

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Route is expecting 2 parameters, first one is :account, second is :page, i think you are only passing :page. I would add :as => 'some_name' to your route and then use _path :


match ':account/admin/:page' => "admin#index", :as => 'my_route'


redirect_to my_route_path(@user, @page)

my_route_path could be something different depending on your exact route file, so use

rake routes | grep my_route

to see exact name, then add _path to the end.

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