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I am trying to make the messages coming from a specific account to be starred with a red exclamation mark or anything different from the default yellow star. To do that, I go to the settings menu, click on the filter tab and add a new filter. I type the address in question and from the next screen I check the checkbox marked "Star" and I click save.

The problem is, that even if the only star in the used stars category in the settings menu (the leftmost tab - I think it's called general) is the exclamation mark (or any other star than the yellow classic star), when I receive mail from the specified address, or if I check the "Also apply filter to x matching conversations" and the conversations in question are not already starred, the default star is used, with the mouseover text named "Starred" instead of "Starred with...".

Can you please tell me how to have Gmail star the incoming messages from that particular person with exactly what I want instead the default yellow star?

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Unfortunately, Gmail currently doesn't support applying other stars by default.

Your best bet is to use labels - create a new label that filters on the email address you want, then you can change the background and text-color of the label to be red (or whatever you want)

To do this: Gearbox > Settings > Labels > Create new label

Then filter your incoming messages like you were before, and instead of using "Star it," use the option to "Apply the label:" < label_name>

This is useful because it also allows you to use the search box to show only email messages in that label using "label:< label_name>" in the search box.

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Thanks... That's a real shame... I'll try it your way. –  user1489886 Oct 5 '12 at 22:56

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