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As the title says, I am having difficulty in understanding the use of registerDataSetObserver in the Constructor of cwac-adapter

  * Constructor wrapping a supplied ListAdapter
  public AdapterWrapper(ListAdapter wrapped) {


    wrapped.registerDataSetObserver(new DataSetObserver() {
      public void onChanged() {

      public void onInvalidated() {

Doesn't this create recursive calls to the notifyDataSetChanged()?

My understanding is that, notifyDataSetChanged() will call onChanged of all the registered observers of an Adapter. So, calling notifyDataSetChanged() in the onChanged() will create recursive calls.

Is my understanding wrong? if yes, what exactly is going on here? if not, whats the use of having such recursive calls?

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You have two adapters, let's call them List and Wrapper. When you got changes in the list, you notify wrapper. No more code is executed.

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