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I have a problem regarding the nicEditor for textareas, to be more precise; the picture upload button.

My file index.php contains the where the nicEditor is called. In the same folder are two other folders: "images", where I want to store the files in and "includes", where nicEdit.js and nicUpload.php (which contains the Upload Code provided from the official site) are.

My problem is: When I want to upload a picture via nicEdit, the error message "Failed to upload image." appears, although I have set the follwoing parameters:

  • In nicEdit.js, nicURI is set to "includes/nicUpload.php"
  • In nicUpload.php, NICUPLOAD_PATH is defined as "./images" and NICUPLOAD_URI is defined as "images" (I tried several other combinations here, but none seems to work)
  • The folder "images" has permission 777

I wasted hours just doing try and error but I wasn't able to get any positive results doing so...


When I upload a bigger file, I can see the upload bar progessing, but as soon as it is complete, the "Failed to upload image" appears

the code in nicEdit.js includes:

var nicUploadButton=nicEditorAdvancedButton.extend({nicURI:'includes/nicUpload.php',errorText:"Failed to upload image",addPane:function ......
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are you sure includes/nicUpload.php is getting included? can you paste the niceEdit.js code? – christopher Oct 2 '12 at 20:26
You can see a working example of this in an answer here:… – JDandChips Oct 3 '12 at 15:05

Solution Simple!!!

1 - CREATE FILE image.php and paste code:

//Check if we are getting the image
        //Get the image array of details
        $img = $_FILES['image'];       
        //The new path of the uploaded image, rand is just used for the sake of it
        $path = "upload/" . rand().$img["name"];
        //Move the file to our new path
        //Get image info, reuiqred to biuld the JSON object
        $data = getimagesize($path);
        //The direct link to the uploaded image, this might varyu depending on your script location    
        $link = "http://$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]"."/nicedit/".$path;
        //Here we are constructing the JSON Object
        $res = array("upload" => array(
                                "links" => array("original" => $link),
                                "image" => array("width" => $data[0],
                                                 "height" => $data[1]
        //echo out the response :)
        echo json_encode($res);

2 - Open and edit nickedit.js:

Find the line starting like nicURI:"" 
Replace it with


DONE ! Now try uploading something and it would go directly to your server :)


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i followed the instructions on the tutorial but now the image is uploaded to server but the loading bar keeps going on without stopping hence not returning the image link into the editor. any idea what could go wrong? – dan Mar 29 at 4:01
replace this array @dan $res = array("data" => array( "link" => $link, "width" => $data[0], "height" => $data[1])); – Bhavin Shah May 4 at 11:15

nicEdit developers did something bad.

They updated a version of nicUpload.js for the, which is incompatible with nicUpload.php. When you download the lib from their page the server simply include the imgur version into nicEdit.js.

I figure out how to make this work.

Checkout their svn repository on version 23

  svn checkout
  svn update -r 23

Edit the uncompressed version of nicEdit.js, delete code between

var nicUploadOptions = {
    buttons : {
        'upload' : {name : 'Upload Image', type : 'nicUploadButton'}



Paste nicUpload.js from nicUpload/ you got from svn.

And delete this line:

/* NICEDIT_REMOVE_START */,iconFiles : {'upload' : 'src/nicUpload/icons/upload.gif'}/* NICEDIT_REMOVE_END */
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Thank you so much for sharing this! This saved a ton of time. <3 – Soleil Dec 10 '12 at 19:45

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