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I'm using AmCharts Javascript Library to present chart on HTML with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). The problems are default stroke colors! I want use my own colors. Is there any way to set the stroke colors?

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You can set the color by graph by using the lineColor property.


graph = new AmCharts.AmSerialChart();
graph.linecolor = "#FF0000";
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Except it's "lineColor" not "linecolor" – maxhs Sep 23 at 5:57

Go to code that start AmChart. After new AmCharts.AmSerialChart() add the line:

chart.colors = "#000000 #B0DE09 #990000 #0D8ECF #2A0CD0 #CD0D74 #CC0000 #00CC00 #0000CC #DDDDDD #999999 #333333 #990000".split(' ');

Each RGB code is a color of a chart from left to right!

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