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using Java

I have done some research before asking here but I was still unable to find an answer. I am writing an application that connects to twitter's streaming api and receives some tweets. I intend to run the program for a few hours and then I need to interrupt it.

There is no multi-threading so far in my project and I am trying to avoid that. If I make the function that gets the tweet synchronized, would it complete even if I closed the program while it's executing?

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If there is no multi-threading in your application, why do you need synchronized? Never mind, your application will complete. Hitting Ctrl+C will just interrupt all threads and shutdown nicely.

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No, it wouldn't complete. Synchronization doesn't prevent System.exit() to exit.

That said, unless you use Ctrl-C to kill your program, you have some multi-threading in the project. Else you wouldn't be able to call System.exit() while another method is executing.

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