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I have the following API defined:

object api_event extends RestHelper {
       serve {
             case "events" :: Nil XmlGet _ => <b>static</b>

Querying from the browser I correctly get the data.

[INFO] net.liftweb.util.TimeHelpers - Service request (GET) /events returned 200, took 27 Milliseconds

While from javascript (JQuery) with the following code:

  $.get('events', function(data) 
        { alert('Load was performed.');}

I get a 404:

[INFO] net.liftweb.util.TimeHelpers - Service request (GET) /events returned 404, took 816 Milliseconds

Q: Am I badly doing the request with JQuery?

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just a tip, try using console.log instead of alert for debugging tasks, using alert stops the execution of the script. – Cody Oct 2 '12 at 20:40
@Cody Thanks, I did not know! – user1433641 Oct 2 '12 at 20:46
More information would be needed to debug this. What are the full URLs you are using each time? There is a difference between /events and events... but by the looks of it your debug already states that they are both requesting /events. As mentioned by Cody, you could use the 'net' section of whatever console your browser supports to get more feedback about the ajax request - i.e. using FireBug. – Pebbl Oct 2 '12 at 21:07

Even if from browser is allowed to do the request /events and get the correct result, from Js the call request has to be:

$.get('events.xml', function(data) 
        { alert('Load was performed.');}

so I had to specify the .xml

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