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I have seen many questions here about displaying HTML content in a swing application. But none of the libraries support html5(I cant afford JxBrowser).

I have some locally stored html5 webpages and i want to show them in my swing application. One idea is embedding firefox or chrome into my java application and removing the controls.

How can I display html5 content in my swing application?

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You should look into new JavaFX browser that fully supports HTML5 and written in pure Java. You can easily integrate it into any Swing application - see the official description: http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/swing/swing-fx-interoperability.htm

But i guess it might force you to use JDK7+ to fully support various OS.

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WebKit is integrated in Java 8, so you don't need to jump through hoops. It is continuously update. It is available as the JavaFX WebView control. Java also comes with the Nashorn javascript engine that can call Java from JavaScript. Overall performance is excellent.

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