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I have datagrid populated from Access database every 60 seconds in timer_tick() subroutine.

Dim direction As SortOrder

DataGridView1 ColumnHeaderMouseClick code :

direction = DataGridView1.SortOrder

Now, every other click it shows descending and other half '2' , just number insted of Ascending. Does anyone know why that is happening or how to fix it?

What I try to achieve is to retain sortorder after datagrid is automatically reloaded within timer tick() sub.

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I found the answer:

Problem was that DataGridView.SortOrder returns a value of Windows.Forms.SortOrder (this variable type will retrieve current sort order)


DataGridView.Sort() is looking for a value of System.ComponentModel.ListSortDirection (this variable type will set new sort order)

So we need something like:

columnXY = DataGridView1.SortedColumn
*' if no column set for sort use third one *
        If columnXY Is Nothing Then
            columnXY = DataGridView1.Columns(2)
        End If

Dim SetSortOrder As ListSortDirection
Dim GridSortOrder As SortOrder
GridSortOrder = DataGridView1.SortOrder

        If GridSortOrder = Windows.Forms.SortOrder.Ascending Then
            SetSortOrder = ListSortDirection.Ascending
        ElseIf GridSortOrder = Windows.Forms.SortOrder.Descending Then
            SetSortOrder = ListSortDirection.Descending
        ElseIf GridSortOrder = Windows.Forms.SortOrder.None Then
            SetSortOrder = ListSortDirection.Ascending
        Else : GridSortOrder = ListSortDirection.Ascending
            MsgBox("not good")
        End If

DataGridView1.DataSource = datasetXY.Tables(0)
DataGridView1.Sort(columnXY, SetSortOrder)

Now the items in datagrid will remain ordered by the same column and ascending/descending after reload.

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