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I need the know how excel goal seeks works.

i have a method (not simple x2+y polynomial function), this method is written in c# and is lot complex. (which access database)

say this function has 10 parameters and gives one result. i need to know how excel goal seek works if i give the result and want to seek one of the parameter.

i saw similar post which explains bisection, i dont see anywhere i can specifiy the result and seek a parameter.


if i have

result = function(p1,p2,...p10)

given :

result, p1,p2...p9

need to seek : p10

As i said this function cannot be laid in simple polynomial equation.

i need exactly how microsoft excel 2010 does goal seek in this case.

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i guess it is simply newton-raphson method en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton's_method –  colinfang Oct 2 '12 at 22:31

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