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there is a logging class that logs user activities into a database .

as I didn't wanted to write logging codes in all methods ( violating SRP principle if I'm not wrong ) , I decided to define events and raise them in methods .

then add a class that contains event handling methods to subscribe to events and use logging class to log necessary data into database.

another point is that during a request several events may raise and I want to catch them all and add logs to the database in one transaction .

now I wonder where and how should I instantiate this handling class to achieve this goal ?

I'm using Asp.net WebForms .

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SRP would not be violated by adding logging statements into your methods.

You shouldn't re-invent the wheel unless you have a very specific need. Use Log4Net or some other logging framework.

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doesn't adding a new task to a method violates SRP ? can you explain why not ? thanks . any way this is just one reason , another is to have a cleaner code and being able to manage code better and ... –  mohsen.d Oct 2 '12 at 21:21
@mohsen.d: it wouldn't be the method's task to actually do the logging. it's not any different from adding an event raising statement instead. –  muratgu Oct 2 '12 at 21:29

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