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I'm using Dojo 1.8 for an application I'm working on and I'm trying to create a file browser of sorts (à la Dropbox). I'm using an EnhancedGrid to display the list of files and directories, along with Dojo's DnD plugin for that grid.

I want to be able to limit the DnD functionality so that if a user drags a row(s) they can only drop them on a row which represents a directory; that is, I want the mouse icon to reflect whether or not they can drop, and disable the drop events for rows that aren't directories. I've combed through the source of the packaged DnD plugin, but I can't find any sort of eventing or configuration that I could manipulate, although I could just be looking in the wrong places.

So, S.O., is this functionality: a) possible with Dojo as-is b) do-able with a quick bit of new code or c) do-able only through extensive new code?

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