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How would I go about doing this logic in an if else statement?

If numeric_field_value_1 is x
   Increase numeric_field_value_2 by ?%

If numeric_field_value_1 is y
   Decrease numeric_field_value_2 by ?%

x is any number from 51 - 100.

y is any number from 49 - 0.

?% is the percentage that needs to be increased or decreased from numeric_field_value_2. For every number increase (for x) or decrease (for y) in value there is a 2% increase or decrease for every count/number. Example 53 equates to 6% increase and 45 equates to 10% decrease. Note that 50 is the base value for x and y and there is no increase or decrease when the value for x or y is 50.

*numeric_field_value_1* is a variable which value is pre-defined somewhere else.

*numeric_field_value_2* is another variable which value is pre-defined somewhere else.


numeric_field_value_1 = 60

numeric_field_value_2 = 175

Now 175 needs to be increased by 20%

numeric_field_value_1 = 45

numeric_field_value_2 = 80

Now 80 needs to be decreased by 10%

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if(numeric_field_value_1 > 50)
    numeric_field_value_2 *= 1+((numeric_field_value_1-50)*2)/100;
else if(numeric_field_value_1 < 50)
    numeric_field_value_2 *= 1-((50-numeric_field_value_1)*2)/100;
    //Undefined behavior

Should do the trick.

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Thanks a bunch for this! It covers all condition of numeric_field_value_1 but only for 1 - 99. When numeric_field_value_1 is set to 100 it returns the wrong computation. What gives? –  xchampionx Oct 27 '12 at 0:06

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