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I have a PurchaseEntity that has a Set inside. After doing entityManager.persist(purchaseEntity), purchaseEntity itself and purchaseItemEntity's are all saved to DB correctly.

But after that entityManager.persist(purchaseEntity) call, purchaseEntity.getItems() returns null.

Is this a normal behaviour of Hibernate provided entityManager.persist()?

Is there a way to keep the collection remain in the containing entity object after it's persisted?

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No, that's not a normal behavior. Furthermore, this is most certainly not Hibernate's doing - it has to be something in your code. Can you post your source?

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Thank you for your answer. That gave me enough hints to figure out what was wrong with our code. Cheers. :-) –  tim_wonil Aug 13 '09 at 6:05
Share the insights with others so that all can learn. –  Nrj Aug 18 '09 at 8:34

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