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I'm trying to send a mail to users when they signup to my django webapp. After trying the below codes so that it will get the message from a template and present it in the user email in a readable format. But It keeps displaying like this;

   <django.template.base.Template object at 0x033079D0>

Instead of readable format that's in the template. I want it to display in readable text and not like the above format.


     Subject='Beta Invite'

      def invite_me(request):
          if request.method=="POST":
              if form.is_valid():
                 #get input data and send email to the user.
                 msg=EmailMessage(Subject,message,from_email,Invite.objects.values_list('email_address', flat=True))
                 return HttpResponse('Thanks For Inputting Your Email, Go Check Your Email For Our Invite!')
                return HttpResponse('Invalid Email Address')
            return render_to_response('home.html',{'InviteForm':InviteForm},context_instance=RequestContext(request))
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You need to call the templates render method. Something like:

msg=EmailMessage(Subject, message.render(Context()),
    from_email, Invite.objects.values_list('email_address', flat=True))

Note: if you have "context" for the template, you will need to pass it to Context().

Please see the documenation here. They have some good examples (almost exactly this problem)

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Awesome, now working! the link below is broken though. :) Thanks. – picomon Oct 2 '12 at 22:35
@picomon - can you double check the link? It works fine for me. And glad I could help! – David S Oct 2 '12 at 23:04

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