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I have previously written a bash script that executes a java class, it does other checks before running that class. when running it takes arguments; ./SyncIPs.cmd and executes few commands.

I am trying to run this script in a jsp page using a html/javascript button. I have so far, two jsp files as follows:




        %><%@include file="Sync.jsp" %><%

        %><%@include file="Sync.jsp" %><%


   if(request.getParameter("submit") == null)

    <div class=display>this is the Sync</div>


    <form method="POST" action="/project/jsp/Portal.jsp" id=form2>

  <input type=hidden name=sync>
      <!---this is where I want my script to be run from,--->

   <input type="button" value="" name="submit" action="run" 
   }//end if

How do I get this script to run and get posted on the portal.jsp page?

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Do yourself a favor and use jQuery. To make an ajax GET request, use jQuery.get. – N Rohler Oct 2 '12 at 22:07
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You have to put some java code in your .jsp

try {
  Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("/path_to_your_script/SyncIPs.cmd");
  System.out.println("exit code: " + p.exitValue());
} catch (Exception e) {

NOTE: be aware of possible security issues

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Using Runtime.getRuntime().exec() may be what you need.


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