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We have some divs off class 'divBG', we want each of them to fade in right after its background is loaded.

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$(".divBG").hide(); //hide all cubes of class cubes

    var; //get cube id
    bg = $(this).css('background-image');    //get div bg url
    bg = bg.replace(/^url\(["']?/, '').replace(/["']?\)$/, '');     //change css url property: [url('url')] ---> [url] only

    if (bg) {       //if div has bg
        var a = new Image;  
        a.onload = function( ){ $('#'+id).fadeIn(1000)};        //fade in cube when image is loaded. 
        a.src = bg; //load image with given url

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You mean something like this?

function loadImage(div, imageUrl)
    var img = new Image();
    $(img).load(function () 
    ).attr('src', imageUrl);

loadImage("#div1", "image.png");

This will load the image in a div and then fade it in. You can put them together in a container and put some text on it if you want to use it as background.

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