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How could I detect if the filename of current buffer or the opening file contains a keyword? or matching a regex in emacs?

I'd like to set styles for different c sources according to their filenames, such as

if <pathname contains "linux">
   c-set-style "linux"
else if <pathname contains "kernel">
   c-set-style "linux"
   c-set-style "free-group-style"
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The function buffer-file-name returns the name of the current buffer, or nil if the current buffer is not visiting a file.

The function string-match matches a regular expression against a string and returns the index of the start of the first match, or nil if there is no match.

So you can set the style based on the file name like this:

(require 'cl)

(defvar c-style-pattern-alist '(("linux" . "linux\\|kernel"))
   "Association list of pairs (STYLE . PATTERN) where STYLE is the C style to
be used in buffers whose file name matches the regular expression PATTERN.")

(defvar c-style-default "free-group-style"
   "Default C style for buffers whose file names do not match any of the
patterns in c-style-pattern-alist.")

(defun c-set-style-for-file-name ()
   "Set the C style based on the file name of the current buffer."
    (loop with file-name = (buffer-file-name)
          for (style . pattern) in c-style-pattern-alist
          when (string-match pattern file-name) return style
          finally return c-style-default)))

(add-hook 'c-mode-hook #'c-set-style-for-file-name)
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Thank you, Gareth. Your code works pretty well. –  jcadam Oct 3 '12 at 5:00

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