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I'd like to discuss API names for methods in cursor-like transactions which are able to navigate and depending on the transaction type also modify tree-structures (for instance I'd like to shorten the method names before anyone is hopefully finally using it ;-)):



For instance, moveToRight(), moveToLeft(), insertLeftElement(QName), insertRightElement(QName)... but maybe also prependElement(QName), appendElement(QName), insertChildElement(QName) is possible.

What do you think? right(), left(), firstChild() seems to be too short to indicate that the cursor is moving in the direction.

I sadly don't have any users right now (at least I think so), thus maybe it's best to discuss it on SO.

Another solution would be moveTo(EPos) to have an enum which represents the movement, but I don't think that it's appropriate. I will also change insertSubtree(...), because it's not consistent with the other methods.

Thanks for any suggestions. Maybe another issue is getQName() which I maybe want to rename in getName(). I also thought about using Guava Options to indicate if a node has a name or a value or not. But I think for instance when used in equals() it can be simply used by checking in this order "foo".equals(trx.getValue()) to not get a NPE.

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Might be a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.com. –  Vivin Paliath Oct 2 '12 at 22:30

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