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I am trying to add/append middleware to the stack (in on certain requests (where request.path == "/hi")

I was trying to do that with Rack::Builder

But i seem to fail at it. do
  use added_middleware1
  use added_middleware2 if @request.path == "/something"

I am not sure if that makes my problem clear.

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The @request variable should only be available when an actual request is happening, but the code you posted is probably getting run at configuration time when the server starts up. There is example code on the front page of the Rack::Builder documentation showing how to do something like you would want:

app = {
   use Rack::CommonLogger
   use Rack::ShowExceptions
   map "/lobster" do
     use Rack::Lint
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Yeah, i have seen that example, but i am trying to add custom middleware containing sinatra child classes to route certain requests arround. Thanks – Max Oct 2 '12 at 23:16

The stack should look more like this:

use CommonMiddleware
map '/something' do
  use SpecialMiddleware
map '/' do

Alternatively, you could write a middleware that looks at the request path and runs the other special middleware as needed - sort of like a wrapper for it. The machinery would look something like this:

def initialize app, special_middleware
  @app, @special_middleware = app, special_middleware

def call env
  if route_matches?(env) # assumes special_middleware initializer takes no extra parameters

def route_matches? env
  # examine the rack environment hash, return true or false

And the config for using it would look like this:

use RouteMatchingMiddleware, SpecialMiddleware
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Yeah , i figured it out before i saw your post! Thanks, thats how its done, except for run the application has to be used as a parameter – Max Oct 3 '12 at 14:54

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