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I am new to Google Maps - I am trying to change the color of the second polyline on my map.

Here is what I have so far ~

var direction = new GDirections(); 

direction.load("from: Oregon 99, near, Halsey, Oregon to: Oregon 34, near, Tangent, Oregon to: Interstate 5, near, Tigard, Oregon to: Oregon 217, near, Cedar Hills, Oregon to: U.S. 26, near, North Plains, Oregon to: U.S. 26, near, Tigard, Oregon to: Interstate 405, near, Portland, Oregon to: Interstate 5, near, Vancouver, Wa to: Interstate 5, near, Carrolls, Wa to: Washington 432,  near, Longview, Wa to: Washington 433, near, Rainier, Oregon to: U.S. 30, Wauna, Oregon", {getPolyline:true});

                   function(){ map.addOverlay(direction.getPolyline()); }

Can someone help me change this polyline to any other color.

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You can try putting direction.getPolyline() into a variable before adding it as an overlay, then after that call GPolyline.setStrokeStyle(GPolyStyleOptions) on it after adding it. Here are some references for GPolyline.setStrokeStyle() and GPolyStyleOptions

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