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In IDLE, print(chr(219)) (219's the block character) outputs "Û".

Is there any way to get it to output the block character instead?

This might actually be some sort of computer-wide problem, as I cannot seem to get the block character to print from anywhere, copying it out of charmap and into any textbox just results in the Û.

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Use the correct character set.

3>> print(bytes((219,)).decode('cp437'))
3>> ord(bytes((219,)).decode('cp437'))
3>> hex(9608)
3>> print('\u2588')

Unicode Character 'FULL BLOCK' (U+2588)

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Your python shell is probably using either ISO-8859-1 or Unicode, not he same character set as Character Map.

chr(219) is also U+00DB, which is probably the Unicode character Û. I don't know what character set you are using, but there aren't any symbol characters that early in the Unicode character set.

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