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How can an ios app under development still be distributed for testing?

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You could use TestFlight. Thats pretty much what you want. You are even receiving direct feedback of errors occurring on their devices. It provides automatically the new updates to the clients and there are plenty other benefits. And yes, its free! :)

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Thanks for your replys. I have an account with TestFlight and I uploaded my ipa. Does this mean that all customers have to sign up with Testflight to get the email, or can they get the link without actually having to create a testflight account? –  SMA2012 Oct 3 '12 at 0:27

You can archive it and distribute it as Ad Hoc (You will need a valid distribution profile for this) and then just send your ipa via mail/dl link. They can later add it to their devices via iTunes.

You could also use one of these HockeyKit or TestFlight (which, depending on your situation, could make distribution a lot easier).

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