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I have two large arrays of scraped product names and prices similar to the following:


I am attempting to iterate over the arrays using the similar_text function to return the keys that match eachother closely. For example i would like to extract the values of 'grappe'=>'1.20' and 'banaana'=>'3.20' from the above example.

I am unsure how to reference the arrays and pass them to the similar_text function as this function only accepts string data. I presume i will need to correctly reference the arrays using a foreach loop and use an if statement in conjunction with the similar_text function to specify the desired percentage of similarity between the two matches.

For example (within the foreach loop):

if ($result[] = (similar_text( $one, $two)) > 80) {
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What are the conditions that you consider to be 'similar'? –  Justin Wood Oct 2 '12 at 23:37
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similar_text( $one, $two) Returns the number of matching chars in both strings so To get percentage you should run similar_text($one, $two, $percent); insted


$one = array('grape' => '0.40','apple' => '1.20','banana' => '1.80','lemon' => '10.43');
$two = array('grappe' => '1.20','kiwi' => '7.54','banaana' => '3.20','aubergine' => '2.32');

$result = array();
foreach ( $one as $key => $value ) {
    foreach ( $two as $twoKey => $twoValue ) {
        similar_text($key, $twoKey, $percent);
        if ($percent > 80) {
            $result[$key] = array($value,$twoValue);



  'grape' => 
      0 => string '0.40' (length=4)
      1 => string '1.20' (length=4)
  'banana' => 
      0 => string '1.80' (length=4)
      1 => string '3.20' (length=4)
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Thanks this answer has really helped me, I appreciate your time and effort here. –  Raj Gundu Oct 3 '12 at 22:20
@Raj Gundu. . You are welcome. ... –  Baba Oct 3 '12 at 22:23
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