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I'm running NetBeans Profiler in my application and byte[] and char[] occupy approximately 90% of the memory allocated. My entity, beans, service, etc., don't occupy 2%.

Do you know why or it can be some NetBeans Profiler's mistake?

Thanks a lot.

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I'm not familiar with netbeans profiler, so I won't make this an answer, but what you are seeing is probably correct: your beans and services themselves take up very little memory, but they will reference other objects (e.g. Strings) which ultimately store their contents in byte[] and char[] objects. See if you can ask the profiler to show you the size of an object including objects it references. –  tgdavies Oct 3 '12 at 0:33

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This is probably not a mistake, since the underlying object is char[] or byte[] in many case. For example - the size of a String object will be shown as very small even for large Strings, as the String object actually contains a char[], who is the actual big allocation.

Take a look at the OpenJDK implementation. Not a big object at all, but contains a possibly huge char[].

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So, I think it's impossible to reduce my application's memory consumption, right? –  Adriano 'Stanley' Oct 3 '12 at 16:39

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