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I am looking at the new api that came out 2 weeks ago. It seems like

ReqDTO : IReturn<List<ResDTO>> { //... }

The "IReturn" bit seems to be optional? The DTOs in RazorRockstars demo project works without it.

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This is a new addition in ServiceStack's New API which allows you to document the expected Response Type that the Request DTO will return, e.g. with

ReqDTO : IReturn<List<ResDTO>> { ... }

Which lets you call using any of the C# Service Clients with:

List<ResDTO> response = client.Get(new ReqDto());

If you didn't have the IReturn marker your client call would have to look like:

List<ResDTO> response = client.Get<List<ResDTO>>(new ReqDto());

Which is something the client/consumer of your service needs to know about. If you had the marker on the DTO the response type is already known.

The IReturn<> marker is also used to determine the Response DTO that's used in the HTTP Responses in ServiceStack's /metadata pages.

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Using ServiceStack 3.9.x and I'm just wondering if the IReturn is enforced at all? i.e. if my endpoint returns data that does not match the type specified, should it throw exceptions? –  JaKXz Apr 15 at 16:10

As far as I know, this is just a convenient way of defining your request/response DTOs. You're free to use it, or not.

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In the case where you define your DTOs in a portable class library, you won't be able to use IReturn. Perhaps IReturn should be defined in a PCL in ServiceStack. Just a thought.

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