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I am using Pytohn's wand 0.2.2 to access ImageMagick 6.5.4-7. I am trying to apply some text to some photos. I had to extend wand 0.2.2 a bit, but I got it working on Windows. My python code is as follows:

color = image.Pixel()
color.color = 'white'
draw = image.Draw()
draw.font = 'verdana'
draw.fontsize = font_size
draw.fillcolor = color
draw.annotation(dx, dy, watermark_text)
new_image = image.Image(width=pic.width, height=pic.height)

On my Amazon linux instance, I installed the msttcorefonts. If I do

identify -list font

I get a list of fonts that includes verdana. If I run:

convert -font verdana label:foo foo.gif

I get an image that has verdana text.

Everything looks good, until I execute my code and I get no text on my picture. The python code works fine on Windows, and as far as I can tell imagemagick can find the font on my linux box. It just refuses to place the text on the picture.

I've tried "verdana," "Verdana-Regular", and the full path to the ttf '/usr.../verdana.ttf'. I even tried other fonts that are installed on the system. The draw code is working, if I add "" then a circle will be drawn on my image.

What am I missing?

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Is it on Amazon where your IM version is 6.5.4-7? – Kurt Pfeifle Oct 3 '12 at 6:58
Yes. It looks like my Windows version of IM is 6.7. I am using the Amazon Linux and that was the IM the repository had. – ChrisMcB Oct 4 '12 at 2:51

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