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This is a two part question:

Question 1: I am writing a .NET REST client that will connect to and consume a REST service. I would like to view the xml/json content of the REST requests and responses, regardless of what method I am using to make the calls (WebRequest, HttpClient, third party REST library).

I am currently using Wireshark to view the web traffic, but this is not the most effective way of viewing XML data. There's got to be a better way out there. I want to see nice-ly formatted xml/json, along with the http headers. Is there a tool out there that can help?

Question 2: On a related note, are there any good .net libraries for consuming REST services? I've tried Hammock, but i'm not a fan. I'm looking for something that's well documented and easy to use.

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For question two, RestSharp is my go-to REST client.

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Tahnks Joe. Just stumbled across RestSharp a few minutes actually. I'm liking what i see so far! – gohar Oct 3 '12 at 1:55

Thanks Joey. RestSharp was pretty useful, and is now my go to library for any REST related development in .net.

As for question 1: Since first posting this question, I've found that PostMan Rest Client is my absolute favorite. Postman is a Chrome plugin, and it's perfect for viewing raw REST request/response data during the pre-development testing phase.

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