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I'm having a problem with what should be some simple regex in Codeigniters routes.php.

I have a site with multiple languages. For my news page I have two rules to route the pagination variable to my controller. One for all the languages (en, ct, cs, kr), and one for the default language.


$route['^(en|ct|cs|kr)/news/page/(:num)'] = 'news/index/$1';
$route['news/page/(:num)'] = 'news/index/$1';

News controller:

public function index($id) {
   echo $id; 

The routing gets to the controller fine, logic runs, view loads, but it seems the $1 variable isn't being passed along. If I echo the $id this is what is returned:

mysite.com/en/news/page/2 //$id returns 'en'.
mysite.com/kr/news/page/2 //$id returns 'kr'.

It works fine when I write the routes out individually for each language, ie:

$route['en/news/page/(:num)'] = 'news/index/$1';

Am I going wrong somewhere with my regex? Can I even use regex here?

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That's because in your first rule, you're capturing 2 segments of the URL. The first one is the language (e.g. en), and the second one is the id (or page number). So, in your first rule you should instead use $2 instead of $1.

$route['^(en|ct|cs|kr)/news/page/(:num)'] = 'news/index/$2';
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Perfect! That does make sense. Thank you very much. –  Jeemusu Oct 3 '12 at 2:21

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